Insurance for your Sony Xperia X (32GB)
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Get cashback by connecting to friends.
Save money on your premium when you and your friends don't claim.

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Our cover always includes

  • Theft
  • Loss
  • Out of warranty breakdown
  • Water damage
  • Cracked screen
  • Worldwide cover

What we offer

  • Next working day replacement or repair
  • 24/7 live support
  • Insure used phones
  • Instant cover when you purchase your policy
  • Up to 80% cashback every year

Faster claims, Better cover

😩 Traditional Insurers 😊 so-sure
Claims speed: 4-18 days on average* Claims speed: Next working day
14 days before cover starts Immediate cover
Phones purchased within 30 days Insure phones up to 3 years old
You need a law degree to understand them Terms & Conditions in plain English

*FCA report Dec 2015

Insure. Save. Together.

Up to 40% cheaper than traditional insurers.
And get up to 80% cashback every year when you and your friends don’t claim.
  • Connect to friends/family and each receive up to £10 in your individual Reward Pots.
  • At the end of the year, when you and your connections haven’t claimed, your Reward Pot is paid out to you.

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What are your policy terms and conditions?

Click here to view the full terms & conditions of the policy.

What is covered and what is not covered by the policy?

We believe that trust starts by us being clear with you about what is covered and what is not covered under your policy. If you have a valid claim we will pay and will not try to hide behind the small print unlike some of our competitors would do.

What is covered?

  • Theft of your mobile phone
  • Accidental Damage to your mobile phone
  • Outside of warranty breakdown (including faults) of your mobile phone
  • Loss of your mobile phone
  • up to £1,000 of unauthorised network changes related to approved loss or theft claim, as long as your network was notified within 24hrs of the loss or theft
  • Accessory claims (up to £100 including VAT) related to approved loss or theft claim
  • We aim to replace or repair your phone the next working day.

What is not covered?

  • Excess: You need to pay a contribution every time you make a successful claim. If you have successfully validated your phone via our pic-sure process (in our app) to prove that your phone is in good condition without a cracked screen, then your Excess amount is £50 except for loss and theft where the excess is £70. For non pic-sure validated policies, the excess is £150.
  • You are limited to 2 replacement phones for valid claims due to loss and/or theft in any one policy year
  • Theft, loss, accidental damage or breakdown where you have knowingly put your mobile phone at risk and/or you have not taken care of it. What we mean here is you must take care of your property and we ask you to use common sense in taking care of it. If in doubt ask yourself “Would I have left a pile of £500 in cash there and expect to find it when I return?” If the answer is no, then you should not leave your phone there either. Of course, we will take in consideration the specifics of your situation as, after all, we are here to have your back if a misfortune happens.
For further details on all of the above, please refer to the full policy terms and conditions

Do you have a phone number?

Our claims team can be reached 24/7 on 0344 856 0852. If you wish to inquire about anything else, email us on providing your contact details and someone from the team will call you back.

How much is excess?

If you have successfully validated your phone via our pic-sure process (in our app) to prove that your phone is in good condition without a cracked screen, your excess is as follows:
  • - £50 for Accidental Damage and Breakdown
  • - £70 for Theft and Loss
Otherwise, your excess is £150.

Do you cover tablets/gadgets/watches?

Sorry, we only insure mobile phones at the moment. But watch this space.

I bought a used phone / I was given a phone. Are you able to insure it?

Yes we are able to insure second-hand phones provided they are in full working condition, without any damage, and less than 3 years old.

Do you have a discount for annual payments?

Our Reward Pot allow us to give you the best possible pricing, so we do not provide annual discounts.

I'm paying monthly. How and when will I be charged?

We will automatically bill you every month using the same credit/debit card you purchased the policy with. We use the same day of the month as when you purchased your policy, i.e. 16th of every month (except for the 29th, 30th, or 31st, where we will bill you on the 28th).

Reward Pot

How does the Reward Pot work?

Simplest way to explain the Reward Pot is a “group no claims bonus”. We give you the chance to connect with friends and family. For each one that buys insurance with us and connects with you, we'll add up to £10 to both you and your friend/family member’s Reward Pots. Your Reward Pot for the Sony Xperia X (32 GB) can reach up to £73.54 (e.g. 80% of your annual policy price). If neither you nor your friends/family claim in the year, we will payout to you the value in the Reward Pot. Click here to explore our calculator that can show you all the various scenarios.

We recommend watching this short video which explains it further.

What happens to my Reward Pot, if one person in my group claims?

We’ve created a calculator to illustrate this. Click here to explore various scenarios.

Is there a minimum or maximum size of my Reward Pot group?

There is no minimum size of your Reward Pot group: you can decide not to connect to anyone and still enjoy the benefits of a fully insured phone, but then you won’t get up to 80% of your money back at the end of the year. The Sony Xperia X (32 GB) is limited to a maximum of 8 Reward Pot connections. If you have 8 connections and none of you claim, you can get back at the end of your policy year, every year you have a so-sure policy.

Do I need to connect to the same people forever/every year?

We've made it easy for you to adjust your connections at the end of every year when your policy is up for renewal.


Will I get a brand new phone if my claim is approved?

We understand how inconvenient it is to be without your phone. Thus if your device is damaged or broken, we will aim to repair it the next working day, or in times when it takes longer, we will provide you with a next working day replacement phone. If your phone is lost or stolen, we will provide you with a replacement phone next working day. Your replacement phone may be new or refurbished; rest assured the refurbished phone will look like new and work exactly the same. Regardless, your replacement phone will be covered under your existing policy.

How long before I get a replacement phone?

Once a claim is approved, we aim to have a replacement phone in your hand the next working day.

How long before my phone is repaired?

Once a claim is approved, we aim to repair your phone the next working day. If we aren’t able to do so, we will aim to have a replacement phone in your hand the next working day.

This is what our customers say...

Great claim experience

My so-sure claim was super fast and everyone was really friendly! Based on previous phone insurance experiences, I can honestly say this truly is a revolution!

Herve N

Clear T&Cs

Your T&Cs are so clear and concise it makes the customer feel like you actually care about them!

Why did we create so-sure?

Traditional insurance has consistently let us down: they charge a lot of money and then when you claim they hide behind small print and painful process not to pay you out. That needed to change, so I created so-sure.

Dylan Bourguignon - CEO

We are revolutionising insurance, starting with mobile phones

  • Up to 40% cheaper than traditional insurers
  • Next working day replacement or repair
  • Get up to £80 back at the end of the year
  • We don’t hide behind SMALL PRINT or painful process

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