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OnePlus 6T - Phone Insurance

Why insure your OnePlus 6T with so-sure

With so-sure you don't need a law degree in order to understand what the OnePlus 6T insurance covers, because we use plain English: comprehensive insurance coverage for a host of unexpected situations. We also cover refurbished and second-hand phones and we are up to 40% cheaper.

so-sure - Simple Terms & Conditions

24-72 hour replace or repair

We aim to replace or repair your phone within 24-72 hours after your claim is approved

so-sure - Up to 40% cheaper

Up to 80% money back

Connect with friends and get rewarded when you and your connections don't claim

so-sure - super quick cover

Low excess from just £50

Download the so-sure app and validate your phone to reduce your excess

OnePlus - Phone Insurance OnePlus 6T - Phone Insurance

Why insure your OnePlus 6T?

Considered the best OnePlus smartphone so far and one with the most customisable Android (Forbes), OnePlus 6T shows great performance and has outclassed OnePlus 6 while still being a middle-class handset.

6T comes with a stylish design, runs on OxygenOS – a versatile and smooth version of Android 9, a good quality camera, 6.41-inch AMOLED 19.5:9 Full HD+ display, top-notch fingerprint sensor, decent battery life, fast-charge, dual sim and Snapdragon 845 chip.

Whether it's a brand-new phone or second-hand one, we'll insure it if it's for the UK market.

Traveling? You're still covered for 90 days.

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OnePlus 6T - Phone Insurance

Comprehensive OnePlus 6T Insurance that starts immediately

OnePlus 6T - Phone Insurance what's covered
  • International travel

    90 days of globe trotting, from backpacking to business you're covered
    so-sure - Travel Cover
  • Out-of-warranty breakdowns

    Phone breaks out of warranty, no worries you're covered
    so-sure - Out of Warranty Breakdown
  • Phones up to three years old

    We're one of the only insurers that covers phones up to 3 years old
    so-sure - Phone up to three years old
OnePlus 6T - Phone Insurance what's covered
  • so-sure - Accidental damage

    Accidental damage

    Don't worry we can usually repair this device so its a good as new
  • so-sure - Theft or loss

    Theft or loss

    Phones been snatched, don't stress we've got your back
  • so-sure - Broken headphone jack


    No tunes, no problem. You're covered up to the value of £100 inc. VAT

Losing your OnePlus 6T can be a hugely frustrating situation, especially if you rely on your phone to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. Our top rated smartphone insurance makes it easier to bounce back after your device is lost, stolen or accidentally gets damaged.

With our comprehensive insurance, you’ll be fully covered for theft or loss, letting you rest easy if your phone suddenly goes missing. We also provide cover for any accidental damage that happens to your iPhone, such as a cracked screen or accidental water damage.

  • so-sure - Travel Cover

    International travel

    90 days of globe trotting covered
  • so-sure - Out of Warranty Breakdown

    Out-of-warranty breakdowns

    Phone breaks out of warranty, no worries you're covered
  • so-sure - Phones up to three years old

    Phones up to three years old

    We're one of the only insurers that covers phones up to 3 years old
  • so-sure - Accidental damage

    Accidental damage

    Don't worry we can usually repair this device so it’s as good as new
  • so-sure - Theft or loss

    Theft or loss

    Phones been snatched, don't stress we've got your back
  • so-sure - Broken headphone jack


    No tunes, no problem. You're covered up to the value of £100 inc. VAT
so-sure - happy customers

With great OnePlus 6T Insurance, comes great responsibility

Worried about losing your OnePlus 6T? We're here to help. Our hassle-free claims process (and our UK-based claims team) makes it fast and easy to get a replacement if your OnePlus 6T goes missing or is stolen while you’re out and about, running errands or traveling abroad.

We aim to provide a replacement or perform a complete repair for your handset in 24-72 hours after approving your claim. Our fast, efficient team completes 74% of claims in 24 hours or less, meaning you’ll have a new or repaired phone in your hand without having to wait.

Thousands have picked SO-SURE for peace of mind.


The process was simple enough - I got my quote through a comparison site, checked out the details and took out my policy! There was an error on the comparison site but so-sure were great and matched the quote details - no questions asked! The validation of my phone screen was really easy too - took about 10 minutes to be verified! Now I can enjoy my new phone without any worries!

Richard Miller

I found so-sure easy to use in arranging my gadget insurance and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Their customer experience ratings were also reassuring in making my decision.

Amy Francis

Haven't made a claim as yet but changing my policy over to a new phone following an upgrade just as easy as the initial set up and super friendly customer service!

Guillaume Piot

I made a claim for my iPhone Face ID failing due to some light water damage. So sure have been very prompt to handle my claim and explain the process. They organised collection of the phone from my house and return a replacement phone within a week! I am very happy with the service and will recommend to anyone.

Toni Huntingford

Very easy to choose which tariff suits you. You get discounted excess rates when you take a pic of the phone in working condition. You can also make money of you share there page with your friends. So happy with my cover and better yet it was really cheap too :)

Nick H

Simple to set up and good price. Excellent system to weed out the fraudsters which push up insurance prices for everyone else. Great app and overall, very happy with the cover.


Quick, easy and very competitive for such a highly defaqto rated insurer. Very pleased with the process and ease of getting the policy set up through Starling Bank

Nigel Charlette

Really good company, love the incentives they offer for being a loyal customer hence the reason why I decided to do my mobile phone insurance through them. Would recommend

What makes so-sure better than the rest?

Our customers love us – that's why thousands of customers have joined the so-sure family.

Features so-sure Protect Your Bubble loveit
Up to 80% no claims cashback every policy year
Excess from £25 £50 £30 £25
Theft/Loss: time to replace after approval 24
Within 48
Within 24
Within 3-5
working days
Damage: how to send and time to repair from receipt
free courier
1-2 work days
free courier
Within 6 work days
paid post/in person
Within 3 work days
paid post
Within 7 work days
New or used phones insured? Any new, used or refurbished Only refurbished by the manufacturer or network provider Only refurbished by the manufacturer or network provider Refurbished only with 12 month warranty
Maximum age of phone since purchase 36 months 6 months 36 months 36 months

Info correct as of Sep 2nd 2021 - data taken on a first phone covered basis

Easily protect your device against accidental damage, theft or loss

Our OnePlus 6T cover makes it quite easy to protect your mobile device. We'll keep you covered for theft and loss as a standard, meaning you can use your handset with total confidence while you're out on the town, running errands or just living your life.

If you're traveling outside the UK we still provide full cover for up to 90 days of global travel, letting you take your handset on holiday without any problems. You'll even be covered for up to £1,000 in unauthorised network charges, further protecting you from scams and device theft.

Can't go without your accessories? We know the feeling. We'll also cover you for up to £100 worth of accessories, making it easy to replace your headphones, case and other essentials if they go missing.

And if you ever need to make a claim, we're here to help without delay. We settle 74% of claims within 24 hours or less after approving them, and 85% of claims within three days. Our goal is simple: to get a replacement or repaired phone back into your hands, as soon as possible.

Better yet, we'll help you save money. If you and your connections don't make any claims within a policy year, you could receive up to 80% of your premiums back as cash, letting you save more and spend less to keep your phone insured.

OnePlus 6T Insurance

Here's the top questions we get asked.

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Why should I use you?

Unlike other insurers, we're less focused on profit, and more focused on giving customers value. Our mission is to make insurance better and cheaper for honest people, and that's why we've developed clever anti-fraud tech that makes your life easier. Plus we're the only insurer that gives you money back.

  • Instant cover from purchase
  • We aim for 24-72 hour replacement or repair once your claim is approved
  • Hassle-Free Claims
  • Low excess from just £50 when validated with our anti-fraud technology. If not validated then excess is £150
  • Insure mobiles up to 3 years old
  • No proof of purchase required upfront, or at all when you use our anti-fraud technology
  • Rewards when you and your connections don't claim - up to 80% of your premium back

I bought a used phone/my friend gave me an older phone can I still insure it?

Yes we are able to insure second-hand phones provided they are in full working condition, without any damage, and less than 3 years old.

Can I insure a mobile phone I bought from eBay or another auction site?

Yes, you can take out insurance on a second hand phone.

The phone bought needs to have originally been sold into the UK or European Union market prior your purchase (e.g. we don't insure models sold in China).

How much is excess?

Our excess is as low as £50 when you validate your phone with our app.

Is there an age limit on the mobile phone I want to insure?

The phone you want to insure must be less than 3 years old from when your policy begins.

What is an IMEI number and how do I find out the IMEI of my mobile phone?

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) number of your mobile phone is a unique identification code that is specific to your mobile phone. If you change your mobile phone, it is important that you call us so we can update your policy with the correct details.

For iOS (Apple) users:

Unfortunately, as we need your serial number on iOS you can’t just dial a number (although dialing the same number as above will reveal your IMEI number).

As such you can find both numbers by going to Settings > General > About.

If you’re using our app (or if requested by support), you can take a screenshot by pressing the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time until you see the screen flash quickly.

For Android users:

The easiest way to find your phone’s IMEI number if you’re on an Android device is to simply dial *#06#.

If you’re still having trouble, then you should be able to find it in Settings > About phone > Status > IMEI information.

Your serial number will be on the Status screen.

If requested by support, you can take a screenshot on most Android phones by holding the volume down and the power buttons for 1-2 seconds. The screen should flash and the photo can be found in your photos app.

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OnePlus 6T Specs 🧐

  • Camera: 16 MP
  • |
  • Size: 6.4
  • |
  • Screen Resolution: 1080 x 2340
  • |
  • RAM: 8 GB

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