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How do I contact the so-sure claims team?

You can notify us of a claim online, by telephone, by email or in writing, so tell us about a claim as soon as you can. We expect you to tell us about any claim as soon as possible and within 28 days of discovery of the loss, theft or damage.

If you don’t do this it within 28 days we will still consider your claim, however it makes it difficult for us to investigate your claim or recover (for loss/theft) or stop any further damage to (for damage) your mobile phone.

You can notify us in the following ways:

  • Online via our claims form
  • Calling our claims team on 0113 320 9722
  • Writing to us at so-sure, 10 Finsbury Square, London EC2A 1AF

When you have reported to us the claim, we will do the following:

  • We will walk you through the simple claims process and tell you what information and documents you will need to provide for us to assess your claim
  • You will need to pay your excess for every accepted claim before the claim is settled.
  • Once your claim is validated, we will aim to either repair your mobile phone or send you a replacement within 1 working day

We do understand that every claim can be quite different and we will make every effort to take this into consideration when we review a claim.