The insurance revolution is here

Mobile phone insurance is finally worthwhile

  • Up to 40% cheaper than traditional insurers
  • Next working day replacement or repair
  • Get cashback when no claims


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Financial Times - Innovation to watch: Friends based insurance
Insurance Post - so-sure to launch revolutionary social peer-to-peer mobile insurance app
Post Digital Insurance Awards 2016 - so-sure nominated for The New Kid on the Block Award
Digital Top 50 Awards 2016 - B2C Start-up

Why did we create so-sure?

Traditional insurance has consistently let us down: they charge a lot of money and then when you claim they hide behind small print and painful process not to pay you out. That needed to change, so I created so-sure.

Dylan Bourguignon - CEO

We are revolutionising insurance, starting with mobile phones

  • Up to 40% cheaper than traditional insurers
  • Next working day replacement or repair
  • Get up to £80 back at the end of the year
  • We don’t hide behind SMALL PRINT or painful process

Insure. Save. Together.

Up to 40% cheaper than traditional insurers.
And get up to 80% cashback every year when you and your friends don’t claim.
  • Connect to friends/family and each receive up to £10 in your individual Reward Pots.
  • At the end of the year, when you and your connections haven’t claimed, your Reward Pot is paid out to you.

Watch the video to find out more!

Faster claims, Better cover

😩 Traditional Insurers 😊 so-sure
Claim speed: 4-18 days on average* Claims speed: Next working day
14 days before cover starts Immediate cover
Phones purchased within 30 days Insure phones up to 3 years old
Do you have a law degree to understand them? Terms & Conditions in plain English

*FCA report Dec 2015

This is what our customers say...

Great claim experience

My so-sure claim was super fast and everyone was really friendly! Based on previous phone insurance experiences, I can honestly say this truly is a revolution!

Herve N

Clear T&Cs

Your T&Cs are so clear and concise it makes the customer feel like you actually care about them!

Munich RE