Mobile Phone Insurance
How it Should Be

Providing exceptional experience when you claim, and rewarding you and your friends when you don't


What is so-sure?

When insurance started in 17th century it was great: when you claimed you had customer red carpet treatment and when there were no claims, you got your money back.

This is why our founder, Dylan, who spent the past 10 years working from inside the insurance world as a private equity investor, decided to take insurance back to its roots, providing you with a modern-day insurance, how it should be.

Dylan redesigned insurance around the customer, which is why we get you back on your feet the next working day (as opposed to 4-18 days by our competition), and why you can get up to 80% of your money back, every year, when you and your friends don't claim.

What is so-sure?

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Why we're better than the rest

We lift you up when something bad happens
  1. We don’t hide behind the small print and painful claims process

    We’re upfront and honest with our customers on what is covered, what is not, and what the claims process looks like. This means that there’s no nasty surprises when you have an issue with your device. And you don’t need a law degree to understand our policy - everything is explained in plain English.

  2. If something bad happens, we aim to provide next working day repair or replacement

    As simple as that. It sucks to be without your phone, we understand it and work with a global phone provider and world-class logistics company who help us get a model back in your hands the next working day.

  3. And if you’re careful, we reward you with up to 80% of your money

    Connect with your family and friends and get up to 80% of your money back if you and your connections don’t claim. It finally pays to be careful!

Cover Details

We give you peace of mind and cover you for:



Accidental Damage
Including cracked screen & water damage

Out of Warranty Breakdown

Unauthorised Network Charges
Up to the value of £1000 inc. VAT

Up to the value of £100 inc. VAT for theft or loss claims

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Including When You Travel Abroad

We have your back whilst you're on the road (as long as your trip does not exceed 90 days)

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What We Don't Cover

  1. Excess
    • pic-sure validated : £70 for Theft/Loss and £50 for Accidental Damage/Breakdown.
    • otherwise: £150 for Theft/Loss/Accidental Damage/Breakdown
  2. Theft, Loss, Accidental Damage or Breakdown where you have knowingly put your phone at risk
  3. 3+ claims for Loss and/or Theft in any policy year
so-sure - reward pot

How Does the Reward Pot Work?

If you and your friends take good care of your phones and don’t need to claim, we’ll give you up to 80% of your premium back at the end of your policy year.

  1. Invite your family and friends to join, connect with them and receive up to £10 pp each in your individual Reward Pots
  2. Take a good care of your phone throughout the policy period and make no claims.
  3. At the end of the year, when you and your connections haven’t claimed, your Reward Pot is paid out to you

You can save anything between £2 to £100. Get a quote to see the Reward Pot size for your device

I used my Reward Pot money to renew my policy and my insurance bill is now cut in half!
Patrick, November 2017
I was delighted to receive cash back from my phone insurance. It feels great being rewarded for my wife and I being careful! What separates so-sure from other insurers is that they actually deliver on their promises
Jose, October 2017
After the 1st year, I got 71% money back. I used it to spruce up my new apartment. Never imagined my phone insurance would pay my IKEA bill!
Ted, September 2017

Our Claims Process is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

When something bad happens to your phone:


Contact Claims Team

These helpful people are here in the UK, available to answer your call 24-hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year when you have an issue with your phone. And if you need to start a claim, fill in the form here.


Review Claim

Our goal is for the claims to be handled almost instantly. Approving a claim takes on average less than one hour to process during normal business hours.*


Approve Claim

Once your claim is approved, we aim to have a replacement mobile phone delivered to you in the UK by the next working day.

* However in some cases, like theft, we may require additional information and documentation to fully review the incident and approve the claim. With your help, we aim to do this as soon as possible.

We Compare Well

Traditional Insurers
4-18 days wait on average
Cover starts after 14 days
Only phones purchased within 30 days are covered
You'll need to have a law degree to understand the terms
Next working day replacement
Immediate cover
Refurbished and second-hand devices up to 3 years old are covered
Plain English Terms & Conditions

Our Customers Love Us

Honor B

"Your terms and conditions are so clear and concise it makes the customer feel like you actually care about them"

Honor B.
Herve N

"My so-sure claim was super fast and everyone was really friendly! Based on previous phone insurance experiences, I can honestly say this truly is a revolution"

Herve N.
Ted E

"After the 1st year, I got 71% money back. I used it to spruce up my new apartment. Never imagined my phone insurance would pay my IKEA bill!"

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