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An insurance company,
giving you money back

By joining forces with your most careful friends and family, you could see up to 80% of your insurance premium reimbursed to you every year. Yes, really!


Here’s how it works

Start Connecting

Invite as many people as you want. Your mum, dad, grandparents, or your mate Bob. You then decide who you want to connect to. Do you know who’s really careful 😉?

Be Careful

Easy as that, don’t break or lose your phone, or make any claims throughout the policy year. Oh, and make sure your connections do the same

Get Rewarded

At the end of the year, when you and your connections haven’t claimed, your Reward Pot is paid out to you

Where it all started

Insurance back in the 17th century was built for the people, but the focus slowly shifted to profits – often at the expense of the customer. We’re restoring insurance back to its origins. We think you should pay for insurance when you need it and get some money back when you don’t. Connecting with your friends and family is a great place to start.

When can I access the cash?

IGreat question. If your connections don’t claim during the year, the reward pot will be paid out to everyone at the end of each person’s policy year. Some of customers use the money to reduce their monthly payments in the next policy year, and others spend it on themselves 🍾

Reward Pot

Here’s the top questions we get asked.

What is the Reward Pot?

The reward pot is basically a group no claims bonus. For each person that buys insurance with us and connects together, for example You buy a policy and invite your mum to buy. She buys a policy and then you connect, each of you receive up to £10 into your reward pots.

4 people connected to you = £40 in your reward pot, £10 in each of theirs.
8 people connected = £80 in your reward pot, £10 in each of theirs.

If neither you nor your connected friends claim, we will payout to you the value of your reward pot at the end of the policy year.

Is the money back with the reward pot guaranteed?

It depends on if you and your social circle make a claim. If none of you claim the money is guaranteed, however if someone makes a claim there may be no money left in the reward pot.

Can anyone connect to anyone?

Yes, that is the beauty of social insurance, you can have as many connections as they like until your reward pot is worth 80% of the value of your insurance premium. For example if policy is £100, you can have maximum 8 connections (£80 / 80%).

How do I make connections to people?

Once you buy a policy its super easy to make connections either through our app or via SMS, email or WhatsApp.

Do I need to connect to get money back?

Yes, we exist to make insurance better and with us that means being social and connecting in groups of careful people.

Do I need to connect to have so-sure's insurance policy?

No, if you want to fly solo that is completely fine, you will still have fantastic cover and great customer service should you need to make a claim.

Thousands have picked SO-SURE for peace of mind.