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What is unauthorised usage?

Unauthorised usage applies when you have either lost your phone or had it stolen and it is then used without your knowledge or permission.

Examples of unauthorised use:

  • Calls or texts being made without your knowledge: if someone has stolen your phone, they may call expensive phone numbers (whether that be in the UK or abroad), which could result in additional network charges.
  • Unauthorised data usage: data is an expensive part of any contract and if misused, can be incredibly costly.

Luckily, with us you are covered for charges up to £1,000 (including VAT), resulting from unauthorised usage as a result of you losing your phone or it being stolen.

To insure your phone against unauthorised use get a quote here.

Need to make a claim?

If you think your phone has been used without your permission following theft or lost, please follow our claims process.

Make sure you contact your network provider as they should be able to give you an idea if someone has used your phone and any resultant costs – you will need this information to support your claim.