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What is accidental damage?

Accidental damage is something that you hear a lot while you are searching for the best mobile phone insurance deal. I’m sure that most of us can get the gist of it from the name alone. However, what are the ins and outs of accidental damage? We’ll go a bit deeper in this post so that you know exactly what you’re buying when you look for phone insurance.

Essentially accidental damage is when something happens to your property that is completely out of your control. Usually, it is something that other insurance companies try to add-on to your existing plan - which is pretty weird - how can you be expected to prevent something that is out of your control?

Examples of accidental damage

  • Spillages: this is one of the most common causes for an accidental damage claim. You would think that people would stop dropping their phones in pints but they never seem to learn.
  • Damage by children: You are protected even if they aren’t your children! You can’t really hold a child responsible for their actions. Insurance against accidental damage protects you from ids breaking your stuff.
  • Damage caused by pets: We all love animals but they do sometimes have a tendency to break our stuff. It would be prudent to get insurance if you have pets.
  • Electrical surges: Incredibly unlikely but it does happen (especially during lightning storms). A power overload can permanently damage a phone.

What isn’t covered

  • Cosmetic damage: If your device has a few scratches but still works perfectly then we can’t give a replacement. Normal wear and tear falls under the same category.
  • Damage resulting from you putting your phone at risk: If you do something like leaving your phone behind on the train then we can’t really be responsible.
  • Damage caused before the insurance policy: We might be great but we’re not that great. Replacing a phone for damage that was caused before we started looking after you doesn’t make much sense.

To insure your phone against accidental damage get a quote here.