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Is your phone already covered?

Is your mobile phone is already covered? Great! We are not here to sell you insurance you don’t need. However, we nonetheless wanted to share with you some issues that customers have raised with other options:

Are you covered for free with premium bank account?

Many premium bank accounts offer mobile phone insurance for “free”. Sadly, the feedback we received hasn’t been great, perhaps with the exception of NatWest. The main issue raised was the fulfilment time once your claim was approved could take up to 2 weeks. Who can live without their phone for 2 weeks?

Is your phone covered under your home insurance?

Some home insurance policies may cover phones as a nominated item. Have you checked with the insurer how much your home insurance premium will go up next year if you claim on your phone? And how quickly will they get you a phone (are they among the 18 days average to fulfill claim)?

Are you covered with other mobile phone insurance company?

You might have bought insurance with another provider. However, if you want to switch to us, you can normally give them 30 days notice without any admin fee charge.