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How can I take a phone selfie?

This process will confirm that your phone is in full working condition and will provide you, should you need it, with an easier claim process, as well as reduce your excess.

1. Download the so-sure app and login

Click on the link below to download the so-sure app corresponding to your platform.


When you launch the app you will see the following screen:


Tap the Login link at the bottom and you can then login via your Mobile Number / phone number:


  1. Enter your mobile number and tap the Log in button.
  2. On the next screen your mobile number will be prefilled and tap Next to continue.
  3. You should then receive a text message with the code you need to enter.
  4. Enter it and tap Continue.
  5. After your code has been verified, the app will then log you in.

If you are still experiencing issues with the login? Drop our support team an email.

2. Open pic-sure

After log in to the app, open the menu and choose Pic-sure validation entry:


You will then see the following screen:


3. Take a selfie

Tap the Start now button and the next screen will show you the instructions to follow to take the selfie, read them carefully, swipe through the instruction screens and once you are on the screen with the QR Code you are ready to go:


Hold your phone approximately 10cm/4in away from the mirror and keep it steady. Your phone will vibrate once the phone is in the correct position. Make sure to keep it still. When you feel a second vibration, the photo has been taken. Done.

If you don’t feel the vibration, make minor adjustments to the position of the phone, go slowly back and forth, you can tilt the phone slightly as well. You should also see a little preview from the camera when the phone is hold up so make sure the camera is seeing the QR Code.

Then review the photo that is displayed, ensure that your entire phone is visible and if it is submit the photo otherwise try the process again.

You will see the following screen once your photo has been submitted:


And we will review your photo within the next working day.

4. Next

You will see the following screen once your phone selfie is approved, showing your new excess:


If your phone selfie isn’t approved, the next section will give you more details in case your photo was rejected or invalidated.