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Different ways to backup your phone

To be honest, the only time you ever really search for this kind of post is either after you lose your phone or accidentally delete all of your stuff. Although, if you are a clever-clogs and have decided to backup just in case then here’s the guide for you.


By far the best known mobile storage solution is Apple’s own iCloud service. iCloud lets anyone with an apple ID store documents on their cloud service. To set it up all you need to do it

  • Open the settings application
  • Go to the ‘iCloud’ section
  • Register your email and create a password
  • Select the services that you want to be associated with your iCloud account.


As always, Google have got you covered. You can use their backup feature to protect your memories if something awful happens to your phone.

To do this you need to:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on privacy
  • Ensure that backup my settings are ticked
  • Go back to settings and open accounts
  • Go to Gmail
  • Then ensure that backup is enabled

This will make sure that everything on your phone is automatically backed up.