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What's included in your policy

You get fully comprehensive cover. And we don’t try and wangle out of things with small print – what you see is what you get.

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What's covered 👍

  • Theft and loss as standard
  • Accidental damage, including water damage and cracked screens
  • New, used or refurbished phones up to 3 yrs old
  • Accessories up to the value of £100 including VAT
  • Unauthorised network charges up to £1000
  • Out of warranty breakdown
  • 90 days global travel

What's not covered 👎

  • Any existing claims before you bought our insurance
  • More than 2 claims for Loss and/or Theft in any policy year
  • Claims where you’ve knowingly put your mobile phone at risk

Premium cover 💎

Features so-sure Protect Your Bubble loveit
Up to 80% no claims cashback every policy year
Excess from £25 £50 £30 £25
Theft/Loss: time to replace after approval 24
Within 48
Within 24
Within 3-5
working days
Damage: how to send and time to repair from receipt
free courier
1-2 work days
free courier
Within 6 work days
paid post/in person
Within 3 work days
paid post
Within 7 work days
New or used phones insured? Any new, used or refurbished Only refurbished by the manufacturer or network provider Only refurbished by the manufacturer or network provider Refurbished only with 12 month warranty
Maximum age of phone since purchase 36 months 6 months 36 months 36 months

Info correct as of Sep 2nd 2021 - data taken on a first phone covered basis