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What to do if you break your phone screen

Breaking your phone screen is a right pain

Not only do you have to cope with the acute social embarrassment that comes with carrying around a piece of scrap metal, but there also’s the small matter of not actually being able to see your screen - or perform basic tasks like messaging, ordering Deliveroo and using your camera to check your hair is behaving itself.

It doesn’t have to be like this. There is another way.

Check your warranty and insurance

If your phone is still under warranty and the cracked screen was caused by a manufacturing defect, you’ll likely be covered under consumer law. But really, how many screens crack due to manufacturing defects?

Nearly all breakages occur due to accidental damage, which means you’ll only be covered for repair or replacement if you have phone insurance. So, it’s worth digging into that pesky small print to check where you stand with regards to accidental damage.

Truth be told, the reason most people are walking around with cracked phones is not that they’ve exceeded their warranty and don’t have insurance. Rather it’s because their warranty and insurance don’t cover them for accidental damage.

Even if you are covered, it can take insurance companies ages to get it sorted, sometimes as long as 10 days. I know, it seems totally mad, but it’s a common issue.

Get it repaired yourself

Don’t lose heart if your insurance doesn’t cover accidental damage. It’s time to take a deep breath and get creative.First things first, make sure you back up your phone so you don’t lose your photos, contacts and other data if something goes wrong. Also bear in mind that some manufacturers won’t honour warranties if phones have been repaired by third parties, meaning that serious problems further down the line - like manufacturing defects - won’t be covered. If that’s a risk you’re willing to take, it’s time to hit the high street in search of a repair outfit.

There are tonnes of places that offer phone repairs. Some will even do it whilst you wait. Just make sure you shop around and get a quote in writing before handing over your phone and committing to having the work carried out.

  • iMend has 30 stores nationwide, many in railway stations and shopping centres. They’ll repair your phone in 30 minutes and prices start from £20. All repairs come with a lifetime warranty, too. Plus they are a partner of ours too!
  • If you’re in London, check out Lovefone, who offer repairs while you wait.
  • If you’re willing to send your phone off in the post, try Mobile Device Workshop.
  • iCracked.com is perhaps the most convenient option - they come out to you.

It’s a good idea to ask your friends and family for recommendations. Perhaps whack something up on Facebook and see if anyone can recommend a local outfit that’s helped them in the past.

Get a case

Hate to say we told you so, but your best option to avoid another crack screen episode - once your screen is fixed, of course - is to invest in a decent case. As more phone manufacturers incorporate glass into their designs, cracking is going to become a bigger issue. iPhone 8 and iPhone X, for example, both use glass front and back, and are notoriously expensive to repair.

Amazon stock literally thousands of affordable options. You can check out their bestsellers here.

Here at so-sure we know that breaking your screen is really rubbish. So, if your screen is broken, smashed or cracked and you can’t use it any more, we’ll replace or repair it within 24-72 hours.

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