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Samsung Care Plus vs Phone Insurance

Samsung Care Plus vs Phone Insurance

Samsung Care+, Samsung's proprietary service for insuring products, is available for Samsung devices, but how well does it stack up next to third party samsung phone insurance, like the policies we offer at SO-SURE? And what is Samsung Care+ anyway? This article explains the key differences between the policies so you can make an informed decision on how best to protect your Samsung device.

What is Samsung Care+?

Samsung Care+ is an extended version of Samsung’s standard warranty, protecting your Galaxy device against all accidental damage for up to two years. It includes four main features:

  • Fast, convenient repairs using genuine Samsung parts, from authorised technicians
  • Hassle-free battery replacements reduce downtime
  • If your device isn’t running smoothly, Samsung’s technicians will check and fix the issue
  • You can make up to four claims for repairs or replacements within two years.

What isn’t included with Samsung Care+

Bear in mind that Samsung Care+ does not cover:

  • Product loss
  • Deliberate damage
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Pickpocketing or theft of any kind
  • Lack of reasonable care
  • Damage resulting from normal wear and tear.

How much does Samsung Care+ cost?

See below for a breakdown of prices for different Samsung devices and payment plans:

Galaxy devices Samsung Care+ monthly price Samsung Care+ 2-year upfront price Service fee per claim
Galaxy S Series
Galaxy Note Series
Galaxy Tab S7 LTE
Galaxy Tab S7+ WiFi & LTE
Galaxy Tab S6 LTE
Galaxy Book S
£7.49 £159 £59
Galaxy A71
Galaxy S10 Lite
Galaxy Note10 Lite
Galaxy A51 5G
Galaxy Tab S7 WiFi
Galaxy Tab Active 2
Galaxy Tab Active Pro
Galaxy Tab S6 WiFi
Galaxy Tab S5e
£5.99 £109 £49
Galaxy A30S
Galaxy A41
Galaxy A51
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite WiFi
Galaxy Tab A 10.1” LTE
£4.99 £89 £39
Galaxy A10
Galaxy A20e
Galaxy A21S
Galaxy Tab 10.1” WiFi
Galaxy Tab A 8”
£3.99 £79 £29

Prices accurate as of February 2021.

SO-SURE Samsung insurance

At SO-SURE, we believe your Samsung insurance policy should include real benefits and rewards. How about 24/7 online claims reporting, a rapid repair and replacement service, and money back when you don’t claim? You can get all this and more with SO-SURE.

Our comprehensive insurance keeps your Samsung device fully covered for loss, theft, and accidental damage as standard, both at home and abroad, providing peace of mind wherever your next adventure takes you. Second hand and refurbished handsets up to three years old are also included in our Samsung insurance policy, plus coverage for up to £100 worth of Samsung accessories.

Social insurance

Our social insurance allows you to connect your policy to friends and family members. And if no one claims for the duration of your policy year, we’ll give you up to 80% of your premium back. So how does this work exactly? Well, if you were to buy Samsung insurance with us and invite your best friend to buy a policy for his or her phone, too, you can then connect your policies. Once connected, you’ll each receive £10 in your Reward Pot, which is essentially our group no claims bonus. If neither of you claims the duration of your policy, we’ll reimburse you the value of your Reward Pot at the end of it.

SO-SURE Samsung insurance vs Samsung Care+

Features SO-SURE Samsung Care+
Time to repair/replace after approval 24-72 hours Same day
Up to 80% Cashback at end of policy year
Loss, Theft & Accidental Damage included as standard
Insure second-hand phones
Save up to £100 off your excess

We might be a little biased, but we think it’s clear which is the right choice for protecting your Samsung phone. Find out how much a SO-SURE policy would cost you today.