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Most Instagrammed Dog Breeds

Instagram Dogs - Photo by Vitor Fontes on Unsplash

It's fair to say that, even a mere 10 years ago, very few people would have been able to predict the rise of the Instagram dog tribe. Back then, to be delighted by a dog, you'd have had to trudge to your nearest park and hang around until you got a sniff of a nearby hound.

Today though, it's a different story. Feeling down? You watch a dog video. Just woke up? You're looking at a dog meme. Day-dreaming? You're dreaming about that dog smile you saw on Twitter. It's inescapable, it's entirely loveable, and it's changing the way we think about dogs.

According to statistics from 2019, the average user spends around 53 minutes a day scrolling their Instagram feed alone. Cara Whitehouse, Head of Brand and Growth at so-sure, says:

"In today's world, it seems like we're constantly seeking out some light relief from the hectic world around us. Those moments of sheer, temporary delight - however fleeting - are really important, we think that's why dog related content has seen such a sharp rise in popularity."

Cara - Head of Brand and Growth at so-sure

A whole new language has even developed around dogs, based upon conveying the ‘baby-talk' that is used when addressing animals. Words like ‘doggo', ‘pupper', and ‘pupperino' refer generally to dogs. A ‘cloud' is a fluffy white dog, a ‘thicc' dog often has a curvy bottom, like a corgi, and a ‘long boi' has a long face or body – like a dachshund or a greyhound. These words are accessible and easy to use, and because of that they're making their way from the internet into the lexicon of young people.

All of these factors combine to create an online paradise for dog-lovers; a community of canine-connoisseurs. That raises the contentious question – which dog breed gets the most attention? Although we love them all, there has to be a favourite. We've analysed popular hashtags for the Kennel Clubs most popular dogs of 2019 to reveal the most instagrammed popular dog breed of 2019.

1. French Bulldog - 52.9 Million posts

Famous dog: @manny_the_frenchie

Frenchies are one of the most popular breeds on Instagram, and @manny_the_frenchie is a great example – with over 1.1million followers. His wide smile, short snout and stocky chest is typical of the breed, but vets say that the features that make them so loveable can result in breathing trouble. With a life span of 9 to 11 years, they’re the ideal companion for city-dwellers as their little legs and easy-to-train personalities mean that they’ll deal well with apartment living.

2. Pug – 36 Million posts

Famous dog: @itsdougthepug

Pugs were bred to be lap dogs of aristocrats, and to this day they are great companions. Although they're energetic, their small size means they are relatively low maintenance. Similar to a French bulldog, it's common for pugs to have trouble breathing and hip dysplasia due to their pedigree. Doug is one of the world's most famous pugs, whose fun personality and colourful feed (seen at @itsdougthepug) has earned him celebrity friends and almost 4 million followers all over the world. Although he loves nothing more than dressing up and parading through Nashville, his dopey personality means he's just as happy chilling out at home.

3. Bulldog – 31.2 Million posts

Famous dog: @sgt_bulldog

Over 179,000 Instagram users follow Sergeant on his account @sgt_bulldog, where his chubby, wrinkly face and wide smile display his gorgeous personality. Although bulldogs were originally bred to take part in bullbaiting, today, bulldogs are affectionate companions that make great family dogs as they love children and easily warm up to new people. They're playful yet low energy, so are good for novice dog owners – although their laziness could make them hard to train.

4. Golden Retriever 24.1 Million posts

Famous dog:

Similar to Labradors in looks and personality, Golden Retrievers are a very popular breed with families as they're intelligent and easy to train, and their sensitivity makes them perfect therapy or assistance dogs. They're loyal, playful and lively, just as Watson and Kiko on their account demonstrate. Both dogs are therapy dogs for their caregiver's anxiety disorder, and they were taught to hug in order to help make the tough days a little easier. Now, they show their affection for each other and their humans through big doggy hugs – so adorable!

5. German Shepherd -17.5 Million posts

Famous dog: @theneighbourhoodwolf

German shepherds are large, intelligent working dogs often used by the police as they are easy to train and intelligent. Although they may look tough, they're often big softies, making affectionate and child friendly pets. Their large size means that they'll need lots of exercise. Lucas is a German shepherd living in Nova Scotia, Canada, who thrives in his mountainous environment. His feed, found at @theneighbourhoodwolf is full of stunning snaps that show off the stunning countryside.

6. Labrador – 16.3 Million posts

Famous dog: @dogswiss

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Labradors rank as the number one dog breed in the UK. Bred as working dogs, they're intelligent and easy to train, but their playfulness makes them a great companion. Nala is a chocolate Labrador who's life is documented on the Instagram account @dogswiss – typical of the breed, she's energetic and adventurous, and she seems to adore her life in the Swiss mountains.

7. Beagle – 16.2 Million posts

Famous dog: @maymothedog

Beagles are some of the cutest dogs out there, but there’s so much more to these dogs than their floppy ears. Best for experienced dog owners, Beagles need thorough training to ensure that their stubborn, cheeky nature is manageable. When out walking, there’s nothing a beagle will love more than following a scent trail – but be careful, because they’ll pull you along with them! Maymo is a gorgeous little beagle who loves to be with her best friends Penny and Potpie. They love to be dressed up by their caregiver, demonstrating their patient and playful characteristics.

8. Border Collie – 15 Million posts

Famous dog: @andrewknapp

Not only are border collies gentle and intelligent dogs, they're also easy to train and energetic – making them the perfect family dog. Bred in England to herd sheep, they have endless stamina and fantastic agility – loving nothing more than catching frisbees or balls when they're thrown. Momo is a beautiful border collie living in Vancouver with his brother Boo, documented on his caregiver's Instagram account @andrewknapp. Momo's loving personality has even inspired a collection of children's books!

9. Shih Tzu – 14.8 Million posts

Famous dog: @marniethedog

These small pooches were bred to be a companion dog and they're affectionate and outgoing, making them great family pets. Their loving personalities make them ideal for first time owners, too. Marnie is an elderly shih tzu who has amassed nearly 2 million followers on her Instagram account. She's become famous for her cute little sticking out tongue and silly personality – and people all over the world look out for her posts each day.

10. Staffordshire Bull Terrier 9.6 Million posts

Famous dog: @the_blueboys

Although they were originally bred to be fighting dogs, a staffy makes a loyal and intelligent companion thanks to its characteristics. Ideal as family dogs, they're playful and high energy so get on with children really well. Darren and Phillip are two loveable staffies that have a huge Instagram following. They're not only brothers, but they're the best of friends – even having a rescue centre in Australia named after them.

The full list of the most Instagrammable 20 most popular breeds for 2019 is below, with the total number of Instagram posts using the breed hashtag in the right column. Where does your favourite breed rank?

Instagram rank Top 20 breeds 2019 Total
1 French Bulldog 52916616
2 Pug 36022271
3 Bulldog 31263870
4 Golden Retriever 24113992
5 German Shepherd 17576133
6 Labrador Retriever 16305559
7 Beagle 16273884
8 Border Collie 15072558
9 Shih Tzu 14883380
10 Staffordshire Bull Terrier 9638075
11 Rottweiler 9418767
12 Boxer 8800852
13 Cocker Spaniel 8603510
14 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 4931726
15 Hungarian Vizsla 3649473
16 Whippet 2781372
17 Dachshund Miniature Smooth Haired 2171707
18 Border Terrier 1883267
19 English Springer Spaniel 685317
20 Miniature Schnauzer 390695