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Halloween Horror Stories

so-sure Halloween Horror Stories

Picture this - time slows down completely and you’re frozen in place. Your heartbeat races, threatening to come right out of your chest. “BA-BUMP”, “BA-BUMP”, “BA-BUMP”. It’s the deafening sound of your heart clouding your senses to anything but its loud pounding. You feel your stomach tightening and sinking into a bottomless pit of anguish. All you can do is watch in horror as your phone falls faster and faster into the dark abyss that is the toilet at your best mate’s flatshare.

Sounds pretty grim, right? The reality is that phone accidents are all too common. For instance, a whopping 40% of people in the UK have dropped their phones in a sink or toilet (eww). A further 1 in 4 phone owners have broken their screens in the last two years alone. In honour of Halloween, we wanted to share our top 3 cringe-worthy phone horror stories.

The Doomed Cricket Player

“My husband was playing cricket a while back and I went to pick him up from the grounds. He went to put his massive equipment bag in the boot of our car but was having trouble shutting the door. He kept trying to close it but the door just wouldn’t shut. At first, we thought something was wrong with the latch because it wouldn't click shut. I could hear him from the driver's seat just slaming away at the door. Then I heard a wave of curse words. I got out to see what had happened and then I saw the problem. There was glass and little pieces of plastic and metal everywhere! The door wasn’t shutting because my husband left his iPhone right on top of the latch. His screen was completely wrecked and the poor phone was in bits.”

Revenge Is Best Served Cold

“My girlfriend and I had a row one night. She found some texts I shouldn’t have had, really. I knew I had gotten caught and didn’t have a leg to stand on. What I wasn’t expecting was her grabbing my phone and throwing it out of the window. My flat was on the 2nd floor and it has been raining cats and dogs all day. When I did manage to get my phone a few minutes later (after chasing after my girlfriend who decided to leave all together), I found it laying in a huge puddle. Putting it in rice did not save it. Not only did I lose my girlfriend that night, but my phone was a goner. 😱

Into the Abyss

“I was at the EDC UK festival a few years ago. We had been drinking for a while and I finally had to go to the loo. I was in the queue for what felt like ages and I was bursting. By the time it was my turn, I just wanted to be in-and-out. In my rush I put my phone in my back pocket, went to sit and bam! I felt my brand new phone slip out and fall straight into the hole. There was nothing I could do but cry for like an hour. I had no way of getting it back, and really, who would want it back after falling into a festival toilet?”

Don’t Be Scared- Be Prepared

If you’re ever caught in a horror-ific moment, mobile insurance is there to save the day. Our cover is designed to work like an “undo” button- fast to swoop in and get you back to normal. We have your back when you need it and reward you when you don’t. It’s so easy, it’s spooky!