We love Christmas at so-sure, any excuse to sit down in front of a television while gobbling sugary snacks really does get a massive thumbs-up from us. Hence why we thought that it would be a good idea if we shared our favourite Christmas films in order to help you should there be any family Netflix arguments.


You might not automatically think of Die Hard when you’re thinking about your favourite festive film but it definitely has all the right ingredients for a classic. Think about it, you’ve got transport issues, family feuds, arguments and…explosions? What’s not to like?


Patrick and his family have an excellent tradition where they try to watch all of the Star Wars films during the holiday. It’s going to get harder and harder though as Disney plan to bring out a new space opera motion picture every year until people get bored!

Bonus: Similarly to Die Hard, you may not normally associate Star Wars with Christmas but have you ever heard the Star Wars Christmas Album? Featuring numerous classics like this number:


Dylan’s favourite is as synonymous with Christmas as turkey and tinsel. ‘It’s a wonderful life’ is the archetypical Christmas film featuring a good guy learning how he has dramatically improved people’s lives over the past few years (potentially a metaphor for the power of Social Insurance…?). Anyway, if you haven’t seen this black and white classic then be sure to check it out.


A modern day belter for Ted. Elf is really a totally awesome family Christmas film. People absolutely love this film and with good reason. It’s got a hilarious performance from Will Ferrell acting opposite a very young Zooey Deschanel. As well as this, there’s some really useful dietary advice which you might find useful over the Christmas holidays


Our Product Manager’s favourite really is quite the production. If you thought that the Harry Potter films were a little naff then think again! Jamie eschews the trash that is the first two and jumps straight to the dizzying cinematic heights of III, IV, V, VI, VII and VII pt.2. Forget crap acting and dodgy camera angles, these final five films are stuffed full of magic and drama and are sure to keep the whole family entertained way past Boxing Day.

Get yourself in the mood by watching every trailer for every Harry Potter


Julien is too much of a tough guy for your normal Christmas film but he has managed to select a pretty decent winter warmer in the classic creature feature Gremlins. If you do end up feeling like you are a bit ‘Christmassed out’ then this might just be the tonic.

Accurate representation of Julien

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