I sat down with Dylan Bourguignon, our Founder & CEO to find out more about why he started the company and what he believes is the future for Social Insurance.

Dylan Bourguignon, our Founder & CEO.

Q: Why did you move away from your job in the City to start so-sure?

A: I’ve often been asked that question; ultimately, fire and passion drove me to launch this disruptive insurance model. I spent many years looking at businesses in the insurance sector in my City role.I realised that the insurance sector was really inefficient and there was too much ‘fat’ in the system.

On the other hand, people are disgruntled with insurance. The biggest complaints were about high premiums and awful claims experiences. I began to feel that ‘traditional insurance’ was fundamentally wrong and unfair to customers. So I set out on a mission to change things and provide people with insurance that was better and cheaper.

The biggest complaints were about high premiums and awful claims experiences — Tweet this.

Q: What inspired you to devise a ‘Social Insurance’ model for the business?

A: In creating so-sure’s Social Insurance model, I sought inspiration from the original mutuals of the 17th century, when farmers that knew and trusted each other had each other’s backs. The so-sure concept was (and remains) simple:

  • If you claim, you should have a great experience
  • If you don’t claim you should get money back

We call it Social Insurance.

Q: It’s not easy to start an insurance company, with all of the regulatory requirements. What really spurred you to see that process through?

A: In 2015, I read the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) report, which investigated 14 mobile phone insurers, a follow up to the 2013 report that investigated 9 providers. The 14 insurers reviewed in 2015 represented the majority of the market.

The results were shocking…

Taken from the FCA’s recent follow-up look at mobile phone insurance in the UK. Read it here.

How could they sleep at night knowing that their customers were paying for such bad service? How could these companies dare to sell ‘peace of mind’ but deliver the opposite? Something had to be done.

How could these companies dare to sell ‘peace of mind’ but deliver the opposite? — Tweet this.

Q: Why is so-sure different?

A: We believe that insurance needs to be better and cheaper, so that’s what we deliver:


  • If you do have to claim, you get a replacement phone the next working day.
  • We employ humans that are based in a UK call centre.


  • Our prices are up to 40% cheaper than the networks
  • If you and your friends don’t claim, you get up to 80% money back, every year. We reward our customers for being careful.

Q: So what next for so-sure?

A: This is just the beginning of the Social Insurance revolution! We started with mobile phone insurance, as it was being done so badly but there is plenty of work to do in other areas.

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