I know we aren’t like other insurance companies, this is because we give you some awesome perks — like a next working day replacement once your claim is approved and, of course, the opportunity to get up to 80% money back when connect with friends and none of you claim.

That’s pretty radical.

Radical, dude

And it’s all legit. so-sure gives money back when you and your friends don’t claim. For example, if you had a standard iPhone 7 (128GB), and you and 9 of your friends hadn’t made a claim, you could get a pretty sweet £90.00 back in your pocket. What other insurance provider would do that?

I don’t know about you but the first thing that enters my mind when I see my Reward Bonus that is ‘ka-ching’. There’s a whole world of fun to be had with this kind of cash but the choice is ultimately yours, a windfall like this is top news and some of you might like the chance to use it for something a bit more practical.

I would absolutely love to know how you would like to spend your Reward Pot. You can tell us by filling out this quick Typeform✋.

Anyway, here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Throw a party!

Treat the people in your network that help you redeem your Reward Pot, by throwing a party! With £90 you can go all out — buy some good food and get a few bottles of fizz in. You could even do a little bit of party decorating with the change. Just be sure to get your mates to DJ for free. You could spend £10 on each guest, which would be just enough for some food and booze. However, if drinking isn’t your style, you could go out for a romantic dinner for two with your Reward Pot.

Take a holiday

A beach holiday in Croatia could be all yours

Living in Europe is great, given that you can travel all over it quickly and for the most part, cheaply. A flight to an amazing city, such as Barcelona or Rome, won’t set you back much more than £60 which could leave you with a little extra cash to put towards staying in a cool Airbnb or enjoying yourself at a nice restaurant.

Party clothes

You can get pretty much any type of clothing on ASOS now

Getting decked out in fresh new threads is a great feeling — doing it for free is even better! Take advantage of your Reward Pot to get you looking your best self for Autumn. There’s always loads sales on at this time of year and you could get fitted out head to toe (some items on ASOS are up to 70% off right now). So whether it’s for work or play, get out there and take advantage!

Smart clothes

You can get great prices on Jermyn St clothes

While this seemingly might not be for everyone, every now and then you do need to wear a suit or at least a smart shirt. Getting yourself sorted early means that you miss the madcap rush to buy something that you might normally associate with weddings or a job interview. This needn’t be super-expensive and you can get posh formal wear from Jermyn Street shops such as TM Lewin and Hawes & Curtis. They usually do deals where you can get 3 for £90 or less.

Start a hobby

It doesn’t just have to be football

Most hobbies require a little investment to get the ball rolling, whether it’s equipment for joining a sports team or making that first foray into building your record collection. So if you fancy picking up a new hobby, here is how your Reward Pot could make it free!

Here’s some interesting ones to get you started:

Break a sweat: one month of unlimited Yoga classes only cost £40

Join the team: Get a good pair of football boots for £50 and join a friendly five a side team for just £7 a week

Learn to code: You can buy a simple programmable computer chip called the Raspberry Pi. It only costs £30 and is a great way to get into coding.

Start learning a language: You can find tutors for many different languages all over Gumtree. The average rate is about £20-£30 but if this is too expensive you can try programmes such as Duolingo or Babbel to get the ball rolling.

Kickstart those culinary skills: There’s a huge amount of different cookery courses catering for whatever your taste buds desire. There are some really good deals out there. For example, you and a friend could go to a chocolate making course together for just £80.

Pay off your household bills!

Destiny’s Child knew the importance of paying bills, bills, bills

I’m not going to lie here, paying off your bills is really, really boring. However, pretending to be responsible for five minutes can give you an overriding sense of smugness and satisfaction that’s usually hard to come by. Whether it’s a bill for the utilities, tax or something else — these things can be fairly expensive (the average UK council tax bill is £1,121) so using the money in your Reward Pot will help you free up your paycheck for other more fun and enjoyable purchases.

Buying some new furniture

IKEA is cool!

This might initially sound a little bit boring but it’s really not. Having cool furniture is one sure-fire way to pimp out your house. You may think that things like sofas and coffee tables are out of your Reward Pots price range but that’s not the case. Along with IKEA, there’s loads of awesome websites, such as Gumtree or Freecycle, which can put you in touch with people looking to sell their second hand (or sometimes new) furniture for reasonable prices.

Reduce the cost of your insurance!

so-sure are cool too!

so-sure let’s you roll your reward pot over onto the next year’s bill which means that it could be very, very cheap indeed. For example, if the price of your insurance was £9.54 a month and your reward pot was £90, the price of your insurance for the following year would be £2.04!

Isn’t that nice?

All of this is damn good, having a reward pot isn’t something you normally get with an insurance company. It’s completely up to you how you spend it!

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