This is how iPhone users will be charging and listening from now on… 😖

The Apple Keynote Conference circus just rolled into town and it’s predictably got tongues wagging all over the internet. The biggest talking point of them all is Apple’s decision to get rid of the headphone jack. However, this wasn’t the only new feature they announced — there’s a plethora of new things for iPhone lovers to get excited about.

Although, there is also the sinking feeling that they haven’t really been that innovative. A lot of these ‘new’ features have been available on other phones for quite some time now. In this post, I find out what the new features are and where Apple have stolen them from.

Wireless Earphones

DIY AirPods!

Undoubtedly the biggest talking point of the latest Keynote conference, the lack of an 3.5mm jack has got a LOT of people talking. The naysayers would tell you that this is just an excuse for Apple to start selling expensive headphones, while Apple fans are more inclined to think this is a revolutionary move to get rid of a 19th century technology. Indeed, the trusty jack has been around since 1878, the only time it’s ever been changed since then was during the mid-1960’s when they made it a bit smaller.

The thing is, Apple aren’t the first to attempt this seemingly outlandish move. Motorola recently launched their new flagship device without a 3.5mm jack. Although, presumably because they sell less products, they didn’t generate the same outcry. But before that, there was the Gameboy Advance SP, which completely did without the jack and supplied a usb cable in order to placate users (very Apple). Let’s just say, that one didn’t work out all too well.

Dual Cameras

Each camera has a specific function.

This is old! Old like Von Dutch hats or the Boomfunk MC’s. Dual cameras have been around since the mid-00’s on a variety of devices, from LG to HTC and also Huawei phones. Dual cameras aren’t really anything new. Although, the new iPhone will use the different cameras for different phones. For example, one will take normal pictures and the other has been created especially for zooming in and out of focus.

Water & Dust resistant

A phone for rainy days, the iPhone 7 is partly water-resistant

This is old hat for Samsung Galaxy owners, who have been chucking their phones into swimming pools for years just to prove a point! It’s taken Apple a while, but they’ve finally caught up with them now, integrating water and dust protection into the iPhone 7. The new device has a water protection rating of IP67 (find out more about what that means here) — this means that theoretically, the iPhone is still less-water resistant than the Galaxy 7 (which has an IP68 rating).

However, no matter how water-resistant these new phones get, it’s probably not a good idea to jump into a swimming pool with your phone in your pocket or to start dumping it into pints of beer.

Raise to Wake

There’s now no need to lift that seriously over-worked index finger.

Another new feature announced by Apple at their Keynote conference is ‘raise to wake’. This is when your phone comes to life each time you pick it up — you can look at your notifications without having to unlock your phone. This feature is perfect for those of us too lazy to flick the side button but it isn’t something unique to iPhones. Android phones have had ‘Ambient Display’ for years now.

Apple Maps

This was me before Google Maps!

Everyone knows that Apple Maps sucks, even Steve Jobs acknowledged that Google’s version was better. They simply had the technology first. However, Apple have recently made great strides and have a whole section of their Cupertino HQ dedicated to improving their Maps technology. So much so, that they’ve now managed to incorporate third party integrations, which let you see things as train times and customised maps all in one place!

Hmm, hasn’t this already been the case for some time with Google Maps, an app which you can download on Apple’s very own App Store?

Try harder Apple…

*he says, as he shamelessly pre-orders the iPhone 7 in Jet Black.*

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