The biggest game of all time?

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. It’s already one of the biggest apps of all time, exceeding Candy Crush Saga in terms of downloads and approaching Snapchat and Google Map’s daily user-base. However, it’s open-world gameplay is causing a huge amount of unpredictable problems.

Since it all kicked off about a week ago there have been a huge amount of Pokemon related mishaps, people have smashed their phones, fallen off cliffs and even been involved in minor car accidents.

Here’s the guide on how insurance might be applicable for Pokemon Go trainers!​

Please note that this is a fun article and is under no circumstance providing advice on insurance; see your local insurance broker for that!

1. Public Liability Insurance

They are everywhere! Even on the toilet

Pokemon often appear in the strangest places and it can be quite mesmerising when that lucrative Pokemon is straight ahead of you.

However, Pokemon trainers might be focused on their device and forget to look up… If they aren’t careful, this could lead them to seriously harm others or damage their property.

2. Phone Insurance

A broken phone is nothing but hassle

Phones used to be really useful for things such as Whatsapping friends, sending emails and reading the news. However, since last week, they’ve increasingly become devices exclusively used for Pokemon Go.

Can you imagine losing your phone now? What would happen to your Pokedex while you were away? All your friends would be running around catching Mewtwo’s while you were sitting alone on your tod.

3. Car Insurance

Catching Pokemon while driving is not a good idea!

So not looking where you are walking is bad, but not looking when you are driving is even worse!​ Believe it or not, ​there have even been several reports of Pokemon related car accidents.

Damage caused to your own car is not covered if you only have third party insurance. However, even if you have comprehensive cover, you might still not be covered if you were looking at your phone rather than the road…

4. Home Insurance

It may be time to get your Pokemon house in order

Pokemon Go encourages people to get out and explore the world around them. This means that you will be away from your home more often and, also, other trainers might be exploring around your property while you are away!

Indeed, some people have wondered a bit too far in their relentless search for new Pokemon. This has resulted in reports of adventurous hunters trespassing into other people’s back gardens!

5. Life Insurance

Pokemon Go makes people act strangely…

This one is quite morbid, but seeing as Pokemon Go does seem to send some people into a serious frenzy we thought that it might be worth mentioning. In fact, people have been so blinded by the game’s brilliance that they’ve even ended up walking off a cliff. Fortunately those guys were okay…

6. Income Protection Insurance

Tom Currie, 26, quit his job as a Barista to become a full-time Pokemon

Yes, playing Pokemon at work is probably not that great an idea. As we’ve established, it’s an incredibly distracting game which has the potential to take over your life. Spending all of your workday playing Pokemon may result in you losing your job, so having an insurance policy against any sudden loss of income may work in your favour.

However, if you’re really, really passionate about completing your Pokedex then you could always quit your job to become a real-life Pokemon trainer.

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