Hello, we’re so-sure, the revolutionary mobile phone insurance provider. Started back in 2015, we’re committed to bringing trust and care back into the world of insurance.

Our story

Sadly, good customer experiences are a dying breed in the insurance world which is why our founder, Dylan Bourguignon, who spent the past 10 years working from inside the insurance world as a private equity investor, decided to start his own version of a good insurance company.

Dylan saw how untrustworthy the insurance industry really was and created the first truly customer-centric insurance company - one that is less focused on profits and more on creating an all-round value: rewarding customers when they don’t claim and pay out while providing exceptional service when they do.

We’re here to revolutionise Insurance

Our mission

Having each other's backs should be a no brainer - the power of many will always beat the power of one. That’s why we created something that looks after you when bad stuff happens but still rewards you when you’re being careful. Finally, insurance that’s actually worth it.

Insurance used to be great. In fact, it all started in an East London coffee shop (seriously). Ship owners would meet up at Lloyd's coffee house on Tower Street where they would place wagers on which vessels would return from their voyage. These guys knew they had each other's backs which meant they could get on with the things that really matter, like traversing the high seas.

What initially started as a bit of fun then spread out to other industries as people began to realise just how vital insurance was.

However, somewhere along the way insurance changed - companies started to care less about the customer and more about profits. We’re here to change that and think that we can bring back the trust and value in insurance.

Our team

Dylan / CEO

Like Nick Fury in The Avengers, it was his master plan that...
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Patrick / Lead Developer

Dreams of one day of finishing up his cycling trip to Singapore...
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Fiona / Head of Marketing

Fiona is a marketer originally from Glasgow and loves...
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Kitti / Customer Experience Manager

With over 6 years experience in luxury fashion and now taking...
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Nick / Front End Developer

An Artist who discovered his creative side could be put to...
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Julien / App Developer

From Reims who is inspired by buying vinyl, watching films...
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Our partners

  • 500 Startups
  • 7pc Ventures
  • Munich RE
  • Salva

We’re fortunate enough to be backed by the great people at 500 Startups and 7pc Ventures. Based in London and San Francisco, these two investors have backed fantastic companies such as Borrow My Doggy, Udemy, and Oculus.

In terms of underwriting we’re supported by both Munich Re and Salva, which means that your insurance policy is safe and secure. so-sure, Munich Re and Salva are all fully regulated by the FCA.

Munich Re have backed a small group of exciting insurance technology startups such as Wrisk, Trov, Bought by Many and ourselves. With Munich Re’s backing, we’re able to deliver our customer first insurance model to the wider public.

Our location

Like most disruptive tech companies, so-sure is situated right next to the Old St roundabout. This means we’re directly in the heart of London’s burgeoning startup scene while simultaneously being a few minutes walk from the historical insurance capital of the world.